Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fuente Opus X Perfexcion No. 2

6 1/8 X 52 ROSADO

I have another fabulous smoke to share with you today, that is so often associated with quality that it barely even needs introduction. The Fuente Fuente Opus X. So lets get into the nitty-gritty of The Cigar, The Myth, The LEGEND!

Appearance: In a word, Beautiful. This smoothly wrapped, lightly reddish adorned pyramid just begs you to take a bite out of it, it is so tasty looking. It is firm and solidly packed, with no major veins, or blemishes or soft spots to speak of. Fabulously constructed.

Pre-Light Draw: This cigar clipped easily and yielded a nice medium draw, with initial pre-light sweetness. along with notes of woodiness and some tang. It really does entice you to just get to lighting it already.

Draw/Burn: As one would expect from the impeccable construction, the draw and burn of this cigar was a dream as well. The burn was razor straight and slow and cool, leading to full appreciation of the nuances that this cigar can present. Also the nice slow even burn produced quite a bit of white, billowy smoke, that you can easily get lost observing slowly meander to the ceiling. The ash was almost white, serving a nice contrast to the rosado wrapper and held for quite a long time, adding to the smoothness and round feeling of the smoke on your palate.

Flavors: This cigar provides a fabulous flavor contrast. On one hand there are some great sweet (I had often heard many a cigar lover say they tasted raisin in these cigars before, and inwardly scoff. But in this particular shape, it was there! I can finally see what they meant) and tangy notes. But those lighter notes are built upon yummy black pepper, sage, and clove smells and tastes. This cigar shows amazing depth and flavors, and if you feel like contemplating it, you can pull many a flavor nuance from it. If you would rather not, be satisfied you will be getting one of the worlds best medium-full flavor experiences.

I could wax poetic more on this stogie but I do not think it is necessary. This is a great cigar. You will enjoy it. It is not the cheapest of cigars but I can heartily say it is worth the price.


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