Sunday, February 18, 2007

Christian Group Confused, Obviously Wants More Illegitimate Children and STDs

(EDIT: Project Plus, the orginization behind the campaign, has contacted me to inform that while they may agree with some Christian stances regarding prophylactics, they are not affiliated with any christian groups. They are a secular campaign putting forth their opinions.)

Article Posted here.

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Yesterday, on hundreds of college campuses nationwide, students were handed a Hershey’s kiss with a free condom. This “Condom and a Kiss” campaign has been going on for several years and is a way for students who practice contraception or support it to spread their message and their products.

But yesterday, a new player entered the field. At the University of Mary Washington , a public university in Virginia, a group of students, called Project Plus, have been actively spreading a message opposed to this mentality via posters and articles in the school newspaper. Contradictory to the normally sexually spurred activities of Valentine’s Day, these students reached out to their peers with a message that “True Love is worth more than Contraception”. With full sized Hershey’s Chocolate Bars with that message on the front, they passed out 360 bars in less than 2 hours, even on a snow day for the small school which canceled classes. Perhaps because of the snow, the “Condom and a Kiss” campaign that the group hoped would be present did not show up. But they still had lots of good conversations and both positive and negative responses. As students entered the popular student cafĂ©, members of Project Plus asked them if they would like a free candy bar. The most popular response was “No… wait, you said free?” The students were astonished that anyone would be handing out so much chocolate for free!

The theme of the chocolate bar give-away was “Without Contraception, you get so much more”, an analogy pertaining to the tiny Hershey’s Kisses that the “Condom and a Kiss” campaign hands out with condoms, compared to full sized Hershey’s bars. Inside the candy wrapper it read, “It makes sense that condoms are handed out today with nothing more than a tiny chocolate kiss. This reflects how little love you can express while using one. Using contraception tells your lover, ‘I don’t want to share every part of myself with you.’”

Did anybody besides me notice the part of your average Christian anti-Contraception campaigns that is missing here? Yeah thats right, the abstinence part! The part how sex before marriage is bad! While misguided in its ability to sway college students, at least abstinence is consistant as a Christian birth control method, if you don't have sex, then you can't get an STD or have a child.

This article is either horribly worded or this campaign is deluded in its idea. Is it a good idea to tell college students the BS line that you are less of a lover when you use contraception, so next time they have sex they run out and have it unprotected to prove they are? Does this help them be better chrsitians? I think not. It helps them be less informed, and probably less and formed with a higher risk from STDs. Asinine. . . I hope I am reading this wrong.



Britt said...

Just a correction. Project Plus is not a specifically Christian campaign. We do promote any Christian based message, only education and awareness of the harms of Artificial Birth Control methods. See our website for more information. thanks for the article!

ColbyPants said...

"you do not promote", i figure you meant. Okay, fair enough. I happen to find the article as a christian news wire release on a catholic blog, I guess I made an unfair assumption. feel free to continue to elaborate on your stance here. specifically I am curious what your groups stance is on sex between unwed couples having intercourse. Do we believe in abstinance or is there a third stance here I have no considered. I am sure other readers would be curious to know.