Tuesday, February 6, 2007

H.Upmann Vintage Cameroon Robusto

5 X 52, Cameroon

Wrapper: Well Aged Vintage Cameroon
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, & Peruvian

Pre-Light - A medium mocha brown, kinda toothy wrapper, whrapped nicely around a evenly packed nice looking stogie. No blemishes to speak of. Clipped easy and yielded a prelight draw that was cedary (from the wrap perhaps?) and sweet tobacco. Draw seems good.

Burn - even and medium, producing just enough smoke to feel round and robust in the mouth. Burned razor straight, and the ash held for quite a long time, which helped promote this experience from average to better than. The long ash helped provide a cramy smooth (cool) richness to the smoke I doubt would have been there otherwise. An example of how stellar construction can help elevate and average smoke.

Taste - A pretty simple straightforward cigar, starts off with a burst of black pepper, with notes of spice and cedar in the beginning and a honey like undertone, the cedar stay as it settles in at the halfway point to more pepper, and the tang that I am learning must be associated with Cameroon wrapper. A pretty average tasting cigar.

Overall - This is an above avergae cigar. The pedestrian flavors were clearly helped by the good construction of this stogie, in the first concrete example I can show of form helping function in handade cigars. Because the ash held for so long, the cigar burned cool and smooth giving the smoke a more fufilling body. It also helped me appreciate the flavors of this cigar more, heightening the experience. If all the cigars of this line are constructed this well, I can happily reccomend it.


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jeebus said...

so it wasn't TOO bad???...;)