Saturday, February 3, 2007

La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro & Blanton's

5" X 50 MADURO

This cigar sported an nice very dark smooth wrapper with no visible, veins, flaws, or cracks, and appeared to be boxed pressed, as I notice four rounded corners. After cutting, the pre-light draw tasted of sweet tobacco and cocoa, and was sufficiently easy. This cigar lit easily and the draw was easy througout. While it was a bit of a lopsided burn at first, it evened out nicely and stayed fine afterward, it held a tight light grey ash for nearly three inches before falling.

The cigar started of strong, with a blast of black pepper, and strong notes of bitter chocoalte and coffee beans. It produced volumes of luxuriant round light grey almost white smoke throughout. After the first inch the taste rounded out to complement the smoke, with sweet almonds, buttery pecans, and milk chocolate becoming predominate flavors. The mist interesting thing about this smoke was how the flavors seemed to alternate between smooth and sweet and big and bold throughout the length of the cigar, never totally settling on one. This kept my attention focused on it the whole time, quite complex. I smoked it till I nearly burned my fingers. This cigar is quite a deal from what I heard and I reccomend it heartily!

The Blantons was a very appropriate complement to this cigar. With a big rich round mouthfeel, and loats of sweet buttery/nutty notes on the palate it complimented the sweet times of the stogie, while there was just enough rye spiciness on the finish to complement the spicier times. It was and indulgent experience I will surely try again.


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