Monday, February 4, 2008

LOVO Barber Pole Figurado

6 X 60 Barber Pole (Natural & Maduro)

: Smooth and pretty, with a beautiful light dark contrast running the length of this torp. Unlike the rosado, I did notice that the wrapper leaves of this stogie seemed quite fragile, rasing some (thankfully unfounded) concern.

Pre - Light
: Clipped easily producing a very pleasant prelight draw and a light, but rich, tang.

Burn/Draw: The burn on this cigar was just fine,never an issue, never needed a touchup. Just light and forget. The draw was great the whole way through, the cigar yielding billows of thick rich round smoke. The ash was firm and light grey to white and held on as long as I wanted it to. The concerns I had about the fragile wrapper were not needed as this was not an issue.

: This one was a goody. It also was an interesting example of how the barber pole thing doesnt have to be for show. It combined the richness and mocha notes of the maduro with a nice tang from the natural. It had notes of earthiness and leatherbut also of sweet honey and cinnamon. The best part was this great flavorful smoothness that lasted the whole way down through. Overall a great cigar. I want to know more about LOVO's. Find me more info on LOVOs! While I still may like the rosado better, one of the better cigars I have had of late.


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