Friday, February 9, 2007

LOVO Figurado


Now the first thing I have to say is that at the time of smoking, essentially the only thing I knew about this cigar was that it was a LOVO. No other information about qrapper, filler, anything. This first thing that struck me about this cigar, besides its shape, is the wrapper of this cigar is decidedly reddish in hue, more so than almost any cigar I have seen before. A mighty inviting hue I must say. Now the shape, this figurado looks almost exactly like I thought a cigar should look like when I was a kid (like in the old bugs bunny cartoons and such), a real throwback look. Well besides what I saw, I knew very little of this cigar so what better way to find out than to jump right in!

Tempted by the beautiful reddish sheen I was ready to dive in, I cut fairly far down leaving a rather small opening to draw on, and yet it never hampered the draw at all and I bet it concentrated the nice billows of smoke produced to a decent strength. I found this to be a rich, medium strength, medium bodided cigar, with tangy sweet notes that developed early and gathered steam all the way through to slightly more robust flavored bang up finish. The finish was long and a little tangy and rich and lingered a long time. Good stuff.



Doug said...

Wow those look (and sound) awesome.
I'm not familiar with this cigar.

I'll have to do a quick search to see about getting one or two. :)

(I'm a big fan of the Rosado in general)

Shane said...

These cigars are awesome!

jeebus said...

glad you liked it

Anonymous said...

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