Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cusano 18 Maduro Robusto

I just though I would write a few quick things, to share with you the weird little cigar I sampled recently, the Cusano 18 Maduro. This was one rustic looking stogie, let me tell you, It looked like something directly out of a Clint Eastwood movie. It lit and burned adequately though, so overall it kind of enhanced the experience I had. This cigar was about as dry tasting as any cigar I have ever tried. Not even the tiniest hint of sweetness was present. Notes of french roasted coffee, oak and cedar, and peppery spice were the most evident. It was wild, I have never tasted anything quite like it, as almost every cigar I have tasted in the 5 year I have enjoyed this hobby has had at least some tiny level of sweetness to it. Not this case. I have a hard time recommending it to someone because even though I liked it, it is impossible for me to adequately convey what to expect. If you want to try a medium bodied cigar unlike anything else you have had, give this one a shot.


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