Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Trey Anastasio Charged With Drug Posession

Trey Anastasio pleaded not guilty today (Feb. 27) in Ft. Edward, N.Y., to drug charges stemming from a Dec. 15 traffic stop and was released on bail.

The former Phish frontman, of Richmond, Vt., is charged with felony counts of illegally possessing prescription painkillers and driving while impaired. He is also charged with possessing heroin and an anti-anxiety medication prescribed for someone else, which are misdemeanors.

He could get 14 years in prison if convicted on all counts. All the charges, though, carry minimum sentences that involve no incarceration.

Anastasio, who appeared in court to enter the plea, agreed to a pre-plea investigation that will help the court get to know him better "and help you resolve your case," according to Judge Kelly McKeighan.

Attorney Steve Coffey said Anastasio, 42, has a drug problem and is seeking treatment. He attended a 28-day treatment program in January and is attempting to overcome his addiction, Coffey said. "He has a problem, he knows it and is working with it," Coffey said.

Coffey also said Anastasio instructed him not to fight the charges. "He told me, 'I'm here to face the consequences and work it out with the court and go on with my life,'" Coffey said.

Anastasio and his wife, Susan, left without commenting to a crowd of media. He is scheduled to return to court March 27.

I really have to say (though I didn't Blog about it earlier) that when I first heard about this, I was taken aback. I really though that, despite the hippy connotation of the band Phish, that they were all fairly clean. I hope that his efforts to get clean really work, and that because it seems he didn't harm anyone that he does not get into too much trouble.


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