Saturday, March 24, 2007


That's one huge burrito!

We got it here:


129 N. Main Street
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

So evidently this chain is a franchise, cashing in on the quick burrito craze. Seems to me it splits the difference of its competitors, Moe's Southwest Grill (full disclosure, I worked at the High St. Columbus, Ohio, OSU campus location for 6 months, so I am biased), and Chipotle. It was pretty decent, I have been jonesing for a burrito in this vein ever since leaving CBus. The restaurant had more variety than Chipotle, but didn't offer the extras (like tortilla chips) that Moe's does. Also it is a tad more expensive than Moe's. Overall though, it was a tasty an satisfying experience, and probably the highlight of our largely uneventful trip to BGSU.



jeebus said...

i've seen bigger

sergio said...

that is I thought I had seen it all and you come along

ColbyPants said...



Princesse Ecossaise said...

I've always wondered what a burrito is...

ColbyPants said...

Thats not really a "traditional" burrito. But it was mighty tasty.