Monday, April 23, 2007

Back, to Back, to Back, TO BACK!! SWEEP!!

(Red Sox Got The Sweep!)(Dice-K Showed Signs of Brilliance.)(Dealing to AJOB!)(Poor AJOB struck Out!)(Manny's Home Run Left A Vapor Trail. . .)(JD Drew's Home Run was Second!)(Mike Lowell's Was Third.)(Jason Varitek was the fourth home run in a row!)(Chase Wright was toast.)(Lugo Doubles Off Mientkiewicz.)(Dustin Pedroia was slick with the glove.)(Mike Lowell's Three Run Shot Sealed It.)(Papelbon is a stud, AJOB is a chump.)

Backed by some historic power, the Red Sox completed the first sweep of the Yankees at Fenway Park in a long while on Sunday Night, holding on to wint 7-6. In the third inning, down 3-0 with two outs and nobody on, Manny Ramirez, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, & Jason Varitek each hit consecutive tape measure home runs off of Rookie Yankee starter Chase Wright, to put the team ahead 4-3. It was only the fifth time in Major League History that a team has hit four consecutive home runs. Also it was only the second time that four consecutive home runs have been hit off of the same pitcher. The other time was by the Clevleand Indians against the L.A. Angels in 1963 off of Paul Foytak:

(Joined by Chase Wright in Infamy.)

The Sox then held on, helped by Lowell's second HR, a three run shot in the 7th, to win and sweep the series. Starter Daisuke Matsuzaka looked good st times, but frankly, was left in too long.

The Sox host the Toronto Blue Jays this week, reprising a matchup from last week, pitting Tomo Ohka against Tim Wakefield at 7:00pm.



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