Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gurkha Class Regent Nepalese Warrior (4/1/07)

6" X 52, Box - Pressed, Cameroon

Appearance: This was one pretty looking box pressed cigar. Dark and rich looking, and with that slick looking severe press. Not a vein in sight. Promising.

Pre-Light: Clipped easy. Prelight draw was woody and cocoa. Again, promising.

Burn/Draw: Draw was easy and produced a good amount of smoke. The draw was ridiculous. The second half of this cigar was marred by various problems, canoes, runs, and a generally uneven burn that needed repeated touch ups. Very Disappointing.

Flavors: Another disappointment. This cigar really did not live up to its promise. There were some basic notes common to Cameroon Wrappers here, but nothing special. Some tangyness, some leather notes, some cocoa, and some wood. Very straightforward, and no real development over the course of the cigar. This cigar wasn't bad per se, but I guess I was expecting more.


PS *EDIT AUGUST 23, 2007*

I had another one of these cigars, and so I thought that I should bump this review to the top with any updated impressions. Well I have to say that this time around the burn was much better, and was not any issue at all. The ash was firm and held well. the burn was long and cool and created a decent amount of smoke. The problem is, the cigar was still boring and bland. too bad.

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