Friday, April 20, 2007

Rally Time for the Red Sox in Toronto!

(Lugo Scores The Winning Run!)
(Manny Hit His First Home Run in the 8th.)
(Manny's Home Run Ties The Score!)

The Red Sox rally caps worked today and the Toronto Blue Jays blew a strong start by their ace, Roy Halladay (7 1/3IP, 2ER), as the Sox came from behind to win, 5-3 Thursday afternoon in Toronto. Fifth starter Julian Tavararez turned in a solid start (6IP, 3ER) and Manny Ramirez hit his first home run of the year to tie the score in the eighth, with Alex Cora driving in Julio Lugo for the winning run in the ninth. Jonathan Papelbon struck out two in the ninth to slam the door shut for his fourth save.

Now the Sox can close the door on this series, winning two out of three, and focus on the upcoming weekend series with the New York Yankees. GO SOX!


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