Monday, May 14, 2007

Cigar Catalogs!

(Some, Of Many, Catalogs Lying Around This House)
(The Proper Furniture For Reading Cigar Catalogs!)

Just a quick note on one accessory that every Cigar Lover I know has, PROMOTIONAL READING MATERIAL. That's right, the Cigar Catalog! They are a ubiquitous member of every cigar appreciating dude's "Reading Room". I mean I have seen many a persons house that even has the Thompsons Cigar Catalog, and no one who knows much about cigars would dare order tobacco from them!

While I cannot say that I have ever bought something from a cigar retailer specifically because I saw it in their catalog, I still quite enjoy perusing them. Specifically JR Cigar's Catalog. Between the beautiful pictures that make any cigar look like the best thing ever to be smoked, and the hysterical stories written as sales pitches, many often not having anything to do with the cigar in question, they have created quite the little experience to enjoy.

JR's might be the best catalog have seen, but there are several others out there that I enjoy perusing. Catalogs from Cigars International, Famous Smokes, and Holt's are in my pile. What can I say, one of the next best thing to having awesome cigars, is drooling over awesome cigars you do not have. ha ha.


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