Saturday, May 26, 2007

JR Edición Limitada Alternatives Cohiba Sublime

6.64" X 54, Maduro

Wrapper Type:Ecuador Sumatran
Random Info: It took us a while to get the right wrappers and fillers stockpiled in Nicaragua, but now they are available and worth the wait. The JR Edición Limitada Alternatives are exciting cigars, wrapped in a deep Colorado maduro wrapper and spiced up with potent ligero fillers from the Jamastran Valley.

Appearance: Well this was a pretty looking cigar. A nice mocha looking wrapper gracing a firmly packed cigar. This cigar was quite oily as well, very promising.

Clipped easy, and the initial draw seemed free and easy. The pre light draws had some tangy notes, and some cedar woody notes. Again, seems promising.

Burn/Draw: This is where some problems began to crop up. The burn was uneven, and stayed that way, despite several touch ups. Both runs and canoeing occurred. This was unfortunate and seriously detracted from the smoking experience. The draw was acceptable and forgiving though, producing a decent amount of smoke. The Ash was horrible, a sickly grey and very flaky, making a mess as I smoked it. Bummer.

Flavors: The flavors int his cigar were alright, I guess. I must say, I was not particularly impressed by it though. There was some cedar notes that popped in and out during the length of the stick (which frankly was all that kept me interested in this cigar). Besides that, there was this odd combination of tangy notes and black pepper which wasn't particularly enjoyable. Not horrible, but not great. This cigar is inexpensive, and not a particularly bad for the price, but I wasn't really a big fan.

Not Recommended.


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