Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Killer Beans Carribean Cut Throat (Dark Roast)

(Just A Few Easy Steps.)
(Look At Those Tasty Oily Beans.)
(Ground Up In The Bottom Of The French Press.)
(Just Finished Brewing.)
(Ready For Consumption.)

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All right, I guess because this is my first attempt at a tasting I need to lay some framework. The hardware involved in my cups of coffee are shown in the first picture above. I use a little blade grinder, and grind the beans to a medium setting. I follow most suggestions which say to use around a tablespoon of grounds per four ounces of water, give or take a smidge. he water is Bryan Municipal Tap water run through a filter pitcher and I use a Bodum French Press. The one thing not pictured above is a teapot. The water I use is about a minute or so off the boil and it steeps for 4 minutes. That seems to cover the basics to me. Oh yes, and I drink my coffee black.

Beans: These beans are amazing looking. They are dark and have an oily sheen to them, unlike anything I have seen before in my life. Evidently this rich oiliness is something that is quite desirable in a dark roasted bean. Well it was here in force.

The whole beans smell amazing as well, when you open the bag you are hit with a bracing, refreshing blast of flavor. the aroma is so strong you can taste it, and its a great flavor. Lots or Dark Cocoa, and a smell not unlike an autumn campfire is what I got. Great.

Coffee Body: This coffee is quite rich, but surprisingly smooth, with a nice medium round feel in the mouth, it coats you tongue a little bit and the flavor lingers on your palate for a while. This is a good thing.

Taste: This coffee really seems to be growing on me. Complex on the palate, it tastes dry around the edge of your tongue and rich in the middle. Notes of thoroughly unsweetened dark chocolate contrasts with a not all that unpleasant acidic note. And not to get too froofy hoity toity tasting notes on you, but a note of dark fruit like prunes or dates. While the acidic note balances it a bit, but the one word I would use to describe this stuff is rich. Oh yeah, and that unsweetened cocoa finish goes on forever. . .

I got to say that this was a great introduction into the world of "Good" coffee, and excites me about future endeavors into this field.

MMMMmmmm. . .



Jeebus said...

I have to start drinking coffee

Mr Jerry said...

Thanks so much for the glowing review of my Killer Beans. It seems that you've done everything right and have been rewarded with a great cup of coffee!

I hope you have fun exploring the wonderful world of super premium coffee!

ColbyPants said...

Hey thanks man! I appreciate you coming by and commenting! I gotta say, I am hooked on this coffee thing. My collector/aficianado compulsion is in full swing ;).