Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oliva "O" Oasis Maduro

6" X 52, Maduro

Appearance: Looked pretty, a nice rich dark, almost black wrapper gracing this torpedo. It was a tad toothy and a bit oily (as a lot of the cigars in my humi have been as of late, hit the sweet spot, maybe?). No noticeable blemishes or soft spots.

Pre-Light: This cigar clipped easy and the first prelight draws seemed to be free and easy. This cigar was sweet and had prelight notes of caramel and cinnamon.
Burn/Draw: The first half of this cigar was a dream, the draw was free and easy and the burn was razor straight. It produced massive volumes of tasty smoke and shaped up to be a superlative cigar. Then it happened. Dammit. About the halfway point on this cigar everything went haywire. For no particular reason, the cigar went out. Grrrrr. Okay, so I re lit it. A half inch later, it went out again. WTF?!? Now I am pissed off. I had not been negelecting this cigar one bit, I had smoked it exactly like hundreds of other cigars just like it before, and it kept going out! Sigh, this is bullshit, and its even a bigger bummer cause it was a damn good cigar up to that point. I lit the damn thing one more time, but it was useless, the taste was ruined. So this cigar ended up a tainted, haggard looking waste of my time (see below). What a shame.
Taste: It is almost futile for me to review the flavors of this cigar, as the burn frustrated me so much that it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. But I will try, at least for the first half of the cigar, until it went out originally. The first half of this cigar was fantastic! Lots and lots of fragrantly sweet, tasty smoke. there were notes of caramel, cinnamon, and honey that danced upon the palate, with a nice note of dark chocolate underneath to keep it from being cloying. Then at the halfway point it all went to shit. Fucker. Well, from what I can ascertain, Oliva did gave this line a thorough makeover since the production of the cigar I had, and so maybe my complaints aren't needed anymore. On top of that I have to note that I have never had issues with the Oliva lines before, and in fact have had many good experiences, so please don't let this post dissuade you from trying them.

Oh Well.