Sunday, May 13, 2007 Blind Tasting #2!

Hooray! It is here again! The blind tasting #2. Yep the fine Brothers of the Leaf at SC decided to try this experiment again, because it went so well. If you want to read about the first go through you can, in this post! And then the revelation of the cigar was here! Well without further review, what I think:

Cigar X
6 3/8" X 44, Cuban

Appearance: Pretty smooth looking like cinnamon hued cigar. No real noticeable imperfections, a generally nice looking stogie.

Pre - Light: clipped easily and perfectly. Pre light Draw smelled of that beautiful damp organic earthiness of a habano, also some tangy tobacco notes.

Burn/Draw: This cigar lit easily, and the burn was quite straight and even the whole way down. For the first inch or so this cigar's draw was rather tight, but with patience and time it opened up quite nicely and by the halfway point it was free and easy and produced a quite good amount of smoke. Overall it was not a big deal, and the actual act of smoking was a quite pleasant experience.

Flavors: this one seemed like a pretty straight forward pleasant smoke to me. There were tangy notes of tobacco and earthy leather at first. the whole length of the cigar was underpinned by a nice rich earthyness. Over the last third or so the flavors ramped up a bit, and some woody cedar and black pepper notes creeped in. This cigar was a solid just north of medium at its strongest. Pretty tasty.

I hazarded a guess, now we will just have to see if I was right.


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