Thursday, May 10, 2007

Toraño Signature Churchill

7" X 48, Maduro

Appearance: This was one tasty looking stogie. While it was a bit rustic looking, it has this beautiful, shimmering oily mocha colored wrapper. It practically begged to be lit.

Pre-Light: Clip was easy. I cannot tell you enough how well this Palio cutter I got recently works. I have not had the slightest clip or draw issue since I have had this one. The prelight draw had notes of cinnamon and that great tanginess of the Signature Line.

Burn/Draw: Flawless. The burn was never an issue at all, as it was almost perfectly straight the entire ONE HOUR AND FORTY FIVE MINUTE duration of this smoke. Thats right, I probably could have smoked this cigar forever if I wanted because I did not nub this stogie. Unfortunately, after two almost two hours, I had to move on to other things in my evening that made cigar smoking impractical. This is unfortunate.

Flavors: Anybody who knows me, knows I love these cigars. I have from almost the very beginning of my stogie smoking experience. They have this great interplay, balancing this wonderful top note of tanginess with lovely sweet notes of cocoa and cinnamon. I have to say that this cigar thoroughly outclassed the cup of coffee I had during the first third or so of it, its complexity overpowering the one note brew. Toward the last third the previous notes were joined but a nice spiciness and a bit of earthiness that kept this cigar from being cloying. Overall a command performance by a very reliable cigar. This cigar was a gift, I am very curious to see how much age it had on it.


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