Monday, June 18, 2007

AVO L.E. 07

Strength: 5 5/8" x 48
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Filler: Dominican Piloto, San Vicente
Binder: Dominican Olor

The highly-anticipated Avo L.E. 07 cigars have arrived in a limited edition production of only 4,000 boxes. The cigars, which are only available in local cigar stores, are presented cabinet style (no cello) in a wooden box of 20 cigars without bands.

Appearance: Another pretty medium brown stick. With just the right amount of give to it it really did look like a well constructed cigar that just begged to be lit.

Pre-Light: Clip was easy, and pre light draw seemed good. The pre light draws yielded faint spicy and tangy notes.

Burn/Draw: The burn and draw on this cigar was flawless. Burn was razor straight the whole way down, never mind no real issues, there really wasn't any deviance from razor straight. The draw was just perfect and yielded tons of cool white, rich and round smoke. The ash was pretty bright white and held well.

Flavors: This cigar started with a band, exploding onto the palate with peppery spiciness and a rich tanginess. This tanginess was unusual, it tasted kinda like home made sweet and sour sauce. Almost. This rich tangy spiciness continued for most of the first half of the cigar, at a medium full flavor medium full bodied pace. It also had notes of woodiness and a sweet rawhide (like a baseball) quality. Then at the halfway point, POOF!. Gone. The cigar lost all of its strength. It was still rich and round in the mouth (medium full bodied), but the strength dropped away to Macanudo mild. There was still some okay noted to it, some sweet half and half creaminess, but all of the spiciness and tanginess were GONE! Also, during the last third of the cigar there was a slightly disturbing hint of a vegetal note that crept in, but nothing too bothersome. Over all this was a pretty good cigar, but the sudden drop off in strength was just weird.


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