Saturday, June 23, 2007

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Corona Especial 1977

5.5" X 38, Corojo 99 Wrapper

I have already written review of the robusto cigar in this line. With bold notes of spice (black pepper), wood, leather and tobacco, this cigar does not vary much from he other cigar I reviewed. Which is to say, it was quite good! What I want to talk about in regards to this particular cigar is the size and shape of it. Long and thin, it really cuts a striking image as you smoke it. Upon lighting I was worried there would be burn an draw problems. It seems thin cigars have these problems more often than their thicker brethren. This is not the case at all with this particular vitola. This cigar burned beautifully, producing billows of round white cool smoke. Also this cigar burned for a good, long time, more than an hour in my case. The overall result was a very distinguished smoking experience. It may not be a size you normally smoke, but I suggest trying it.


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