Saturday, June 2, 2007, A MUST for Cigar Lovers!

( I want to be part of Team Stogie Fresh!)

I am not often in the business plugging things in my blog, but this absolutely is a must read for my fellow Brothers of the Leaf., Co Produced by my good pal "The Doc" and some associates, is a compendium of information that every serious Cigar Smoker should wade through at some point in time. You run the gamut of info on this site, from beginner info on cigars, info on humidors, and the like to more in depth info like how to improvise humidors and info on cabinet sized humidors. All these pages are easy to read, clear in language, and informative. Also any terms you may not understand are highlighted and defined.

That's not even getting into the best part of the site! The Cigar Journal, an oft updated blog style feed of cigar related info is one of the real reasons to go to this site. It is another easy figure out area filled with cigar reviews, as well as accessories (cutters, humidification devices etc), Humidors, and even interviews with important people in the world of cigars. I have to say that digging around in the newly redesigned cigar reviews archive is something I can easily lose several hours of my life doing. They put the paltry number of reviews I post here to shame. I am in awe.

The crowning highlight of the website is the Podcast. The Stogie Fresh 5 is a weekly podcast where the Doc himself chats with you about cigars, his site, and whats going on, highlighted by a weekly cigar and libation pairing he describes for you while he chats. Its a real good way to get a feel for a cigar, and I highly suggest not only checking it out weekly, but checking out the podcasts extensive archive.

Also, conveniently, most everything can be subscribed to via RSS or iTunes, making checking for updates a breeze!

So if you get a chance sometime soon, got pay a visit to the Doc, it will do you good!!


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