Monday, September 3, 2007

Punky Grew Up!

Soleil Moon Frye (born August 6, 1976 in Glendora, California) is an American actress and director. Frye is best known for her childhood role as the title character in Punky Brewster, a television sitcom.

Frye's father is Virgil Frye, and her mother is Sondra Peluce Londy. She has two half-brothers, Sean Frye and Meeno Peluce. "Soleil" is French for the sun.

At age eight, Frye starred in the title role of Punky Brewster, a television sitcom. The show aired on NBC and in syndication for several years during the mid-1980s. She also voiced the lead role in the animated series It's Punky Brewster.

Around the same time she was starring in Punky Brewster, Frye's voice was also heard in one episode of The Real Ghostbusters.

She co-starred alongside Sarah Chalke in I've Been Waiting For You, loosely based on the novel Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan.

She played Robin, a stuck-up girl, in a 4th season episode of Saved by the Bell. In 1990, she also played a romantic interest, Mimi Detweiler, to Fred Savage's character in an episode of The Wonder Years.

Frye appeared in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch as Roxy for the final three years of the show's run (2000 - 2003). The show starred Melissa Joan Hart, who had auditioned for the part of Punky Brewster years before. Frye once auditioned for the series Charmed, a dramedy about a trio of witch sisters.

She also guest-starred as Katie in the series Friends in the episode 'The One with the Girl who Hits Joey'.

In 2001, she debuted on the Disney Channel show The Proud Family as a voice talent. She is currently voicing the character of Jade in the Bratz animated series.

Before winning the role of Punky Brewster she appeared in a few made for TV films. As a child, Frye starred in the Disney film You Ruined My Life playing the spoiled, unruly girl who lives in a Las Vegas casino with her uncle.

During her late teens and early adult years, Frye made appearances in several low-budget and independent films, including The Saint Tammany Miracle.

She was one of the youngest directors in Hollywood history, directing Wild Horses while only twenty-two years old. Frye also directed and starred in a documentary, Sonny Boy, which documents her father's battle with Pick's Disease, and a cross-country journey the pair took to her father's hometown.


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