Friday, October 19, 2007

Beckett Is A Stud, Sox Live For Another Game!

I know I haven't reported this series well, but thats because my keyboard has been on the fritz, sorry.
He blocked out everything: the screaming crowd, Kenny Lofton's chirping, even his ex-girlfriend singing only a few feet away.

Beckett, standing tall as ever on the mound, rose above it all -- October's biggest star.

Beckett dominated the Cleveland Indians for the second time and Manny Ramirez drove in the go-ahead run with a 390-foot single as the Boston Red Sox stayed alive in the AL Championship Series with a 7-1 win Thursday night in Game 5.

Back to Fenway Park they go. Just the Red Sox being the Red Sox. They have plenty of practice at these postseason comebacks.

"We weren't trying to win three games in one night," Kevin Youkilis said. "We were just going out there and fight and do whatever we had to do to win."

The 27-year-old Beckett, who beat Cleveland in the opener, once again came through with the stakes at their highest.

The right-hander allowed only a run and three hits in the first, and only five total hits in eight innings. He struck out 11, walked one and was around the plate with almost every one of his 109 pitches.

Now, can anybody else win a game for us??



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Yakyuu Shonen said...

Becket's been the high-profile picther that delivers this postseason; not just on the Red Sox, but of all the teams there. That was a fun game!