Monday, December 17, 2007

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel Natural

6 1/2" X 54, Natural

Appearance: This gives me another opportunity to gush about a variant of one of my favorite cigar shapes, the "Chisel". I have already sung the praises of the "Chiselito" & the "Chisel Puro" on this site in the past. Well this is the largest size in this shape variant. The cigar looked expertly rolled in its unusual shape with a nice rich, earthy looking medium brown wrapper. I am always kind of surprised that these bad boys stay together, and yet they always do.

Pre-Light: Taking the Palio cutter to the very end of the cigar, I removed just the slightest bit from the chisel end, which is more than enough to produce a very pleasant pre light draw. The pre light notes were of black pepper, and the sweet tobacco tanginess that I love so much about La Flor Dominicana offerings.

Burn/Draw: This cigar was clearly well constructed. Light was a breeze and the burn was never a real problem. It wandered just a bit on occasion but quickly self corrected. I never had to worry about it again. Despite the small cut this cigar produces copious amounts of flavorful white smoke that just hung in the air, begging to be savored. The ash was fairly white and held for as long as I wanted. This cigar is a breeze to smoke.

This is a mighty tasty cigar. While not necessarily the most nuanced stick you will ever smoke, the flavors it does present are quite enjoyable. First it should be noted that while it is not a cigar for someone new to smoking or the weak of heart, it is not quite the powerhouse its maduro brethren can be. I would say full flavored, and medium/full in strength (whereas the maduro is full/full). It starts of with a burst of black pepper spiciness, but it is never harsh. The smoke is creamy and lingering for the entire smoke, which tempers some of the beastly flavors. At about a third of the way in notes of earthiness and especially sweet tangy tobacco notes come to the forefront, which is great because that tangy not is something I quite look forward to in this line of cigars. The last third maintains these notes while bringing the spiciness back to the forefront for a bang up finish. Like I said, not the most nuanced of smokes, but for those who like rich & bold flavors, and to know what they are getting into up front, this cigar will not dissapoint. Recommended.


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