Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Camacho Corojo Diadema

8 1/2" X 48/60

Presentation: They really do present these cigars rather stylishly, and in tribute to the Cuban Diademas of old (as far as I can tell, only Cuaba makes a Diadema currently), this cigar is first wrapped in delicate tissue paper, and then slid into decorative foil and pinched off at one end. It really puts forth a feel of class, that this cigar should be something special.

Appearance: First off, this is one freakin' HUGE cigar! I can see how this might put off some people, but on the occasion I like a cigar of considerable heft. The cigar shape is unusual, even for a perfecto, because it builds in girth almost until the foot, with the widest part being quite close to the nib. This als makes it a smidge awkward to hold as first because the center of gravity is kind of odd, but after a bit of adjustment its is no big deal. Upon removal, it becomes obvious that the packaging has done an admirable job of maintaining a stellar looking stogie. Wrapped in a lovely deep cassia toned corojo wrapper, without a visible blemish, this really is quite the site to see. Wrapping a cigar of this odd size and shape without a flaw must be quite the accomplishment.

Pre-Light: The clip was easy with my Credo Synchro Cutter, and the draw seemed like it was going to be okay. It was a smidge tight, but thats not all that surprising , considering the nib on the perfecto. There were a couple of interesting pre-light notes, mostly that of a leathery tang and a delicious earthy undertone.

Burn/Draw: Lighting the nib on this perfecto was easy, even with just a normal old BIC lighter. just set fire to the end, puff two or three times, and you are good to go. The initial burn was a tiny bit funky and the initial draw was a tiny it tight, but once the burn went past the bulge in the cigar, these minor problems dissipated completely. Thee draw from then on was just fine, and self correcting, so it was never something I had to concern myself with. I only had to relight once, which was my own fault as I go distracted and let it go out. The draw was just fine, and produced volumes of rich round full bodied smoke. This fact needs highlighted, the full richness of this smoke coated flavor all over the palate and truly enhanced the overall experience, maybe as much as any cigar I have had before. The burn was slow and cool, and lasted forever, this cigar lasted well past the two and a half hour mark (I smoked this cigar while watching the Patriots/Giants game, and it made a lovely accompaniment).

Flavors: I found this cigar to be rich and organic in flavor. There was a lovely earthy not that underpinned this cigar the whole length of the cigar, keeping it nice and balanced throughout. Upon lightining until just past the bulge there was a hint of sweetness, but rich and unrefined, like black strap molasses. After the bulge it was mostly wonderful dry notes. Woody notes of Cedar and charred Oak along with a flavor not all that unlike orange pekoe tea. This is the first time I had tasted anything like a tea note in a cigar, and I found it fascinating. The last third had a bit of spice kick in, pepper and sage, while still having the great earthy underpinning. This cigar seemed to be staunchly medium in strength and decidedly the fullest of full bodied, and a joy to smoke. I smoked this cigar for the better part of three hours, and was not bored for one moment. For those with the patience to see it through, I say you will not be disappointed. HEARTILY RECOMMENDED.


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