Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra Toro

6" X 52, Sumatra

Construction: This was one solid stick. Firmly, but evenly packed, this cigar did not seem to have a soft soot of inconsistency. The wrapper itself was dark and rich looking, and glistened with a beautiful, oily sheen. On the whole this cigar looks like it will be mighty tasty!

Pre-Light: The clip was easy, and the pre light draw, considering the firm nature of the stick, was incredibly forgiving. The stick it self smelled sweet and tangy, and the pre light draw was rich and earthy and sweet.

Burn/Draw: The burn was just great on this cigar. Lit and forget, the draw line was straight and the few times it did wander at all, it self corrected with ease relatively soon after. This cigar, while a smidge ungainly in my mouth, also had a very good draw. This allowed for loads of cool, flavorful smoke, and a luxuriant experience in this aspect. The ash was firm and mottled whit and held as long as I wanted it to.

Flavors: This was a wonderfully rich and earthy cigar. It starts off with a burst of rich, dark sweetness, like black strap molasses., About a third of the way through the earthiness of the start remains while the sweetness fades away to a rich tanginess. There is also a note that i have heard some call citric that creeps in. I feel it tastes more vegetal (like a hint of broccoli or asparagus). Now some might think this would be off putting (and it may be because my cigar was young), but I actually found it to be pleasantly intriguing. Over the last third the cigar got a bit more peppery and spicy, but the dominant not was still that lovely rich tang. I have heard this cigar described as a mind blower, but I disagree, finding it to be more medium in both strength and body.

Overall, and especially after discovering that this comes from a very reasonal price point, I would have to say I would definitely see people enjoying this cigar on a regular basis. I know I would. RECOMMENDED.


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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. Fabulous $5 cigar. As a result, I bought a box. First stick out of the box was just as good as the solo from Havana Connection.