Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ramón Allones Edición Regional Esclusivo Asia Pacific Estupendo

Brand: Ramón Allones
Year Of Foundation: 1845
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: Partagas
Julieta 2, A Churchill
Size: 7" x 47 (178 x 18.65 mm)

2006 Asia-Pacific regional release, available in both cabs of 50 cigars per cabinet, and also in a 25 count box. These cigars have a second band that says "Exclusivo Asian Pacifico" on it, and share the same vitola as the legendary Dunhill Estupendo (essentially, a Churchill-sized cigar).

Appearance: This was one beautiful looking cigar. Glistening with essential oils, this cigar was firmly, but evenly packed, with no soft spots to speak of. The wrapper was a luscious cinnamon reddish hue and was as smooth as can be, with not visible veins or imperfections. The height of fine Habano construction.

Pre-Light: The clip on this cigar was a snap. The Prelight draw was acceptable, and had notes of that fabulous Habano earthiness, as well as some delicious sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon.
Burn/Draw: I have to say up front, that from all aesthetic standpoints, this may have been the best Cuban cigar I have ever smoked. The burn on this cigar was impeccable, and was never an issue, as it burned straight down the whole length of the cigar. Even when I was close to nubbing this stick, there was no problem with a wandering burn line, like I have with so many other cigars. The draw was just as good, burning long and cool and slow and producing what can only be described as rich and creamy smoke, again, until the very nub. It never burned hot. The ash on this cigar was firm and held well past the inch and a half mark.

Flavors: This is a great example of how a cigar that is not powerhouse strength can be very flavor full. There was a plethora of flavor in the creamy smoke produced by this medium bodied cigar. The cigar started milder and sweet with cinnamon and brown sugar notes. About a third of the way in some earthy richness crept in, while still remaining rather sweet, so the cigar tasted like home made caramel and an undertone of that great Cuban earthiness we all know and love. Over the last third of the cigar, the creaminess came back in full force, and so the flavor became almost reminiscent of a strong coffee with cream. Overall this was a complex, evolving experience, that I bet the has the potential to become a classic! Recommended, if you can get one.


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