Friday, June 13, 2008

Building Lather/ "SOTD"

Well I must say, I am really enjoying this foray into traditional shaving techniques. I have been at it almost two weeks now, and while I have not achieved "Baby's Behind Smooth" shaves yet I can tell you that three things are true:

1) I enjoy shaving a lot more now than I ever did in the past, in fact I look forward to it on occasion now.

2) I can get about as good a shave now as I usually got with a Mach 3 Razor, and with less irritation in the end.

3) I am sure I will only improve with time.

I think one of my biggest problems to date is figuring out how much water to put in the shaving cream while lathering (I think I may be putting too much), and so for my benefit and your interest, I put another of our pal "mantic59" videos at the top of this post, this time the one that focuses entirely on lathering.

One of the common things discussed on forums for wetshavers is a persons "SOTD". That is their "Shave Of The Day". Many of these folks have been at it a lot longer than me, and can produce many variations of razors, blades, soaps, creams, and aftershaves. I cannot do this yet, so I will give you essentially the setup I have been using to practice technique with:

Pre Shave:
Warm Shower
Hot towel
Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil (Didn't Use Today)

Gillette Knack (kindly gifted by a friend)
Derby Extra Super Stainless Blades

Musgo Real (surprise, surprise)

Post Shave:
Musgo Real Classic Aftershave (I must say that I really prefer their Balsam for its skin protection, though the smell of the aftershave is amazing!).

Yeah I know its not very creative (yet), but I bet the collection of things to try will grow in time. I hear its good to stay consistent when learning shaving form, so we shall stick with this stuff for a while, and its a lovely combination, if you ask me. Now on to the Action Shots!

Soaking the brush in warm water while I take a shower.
It really does not take much of the cream to do the job at hand!
See, a little bit goes a long way! Though I think I may have put too much water in it this time. Some experimentation may be in order here.
Goes on the face nice and slick, providing a relatively close and comfortable shave! (I added a bit more after this shot was taken ;) ).

Needless to say I am hooked, so you may be stuck hearing about this more often. That said I have bored you all enough for tonight.

Hope all is well,



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