Sunday, June 8, 2008

My New Humidor And its First Friend

Not much too this post really, just a little cigar pRon! After a long time trying to save for one, I finally purchased an Antietam Cabinet Humidor! And since I didn't want the humidor to feel lonely, here is its first friend, a box of Carlos Torano Signature Churchill. Fun Times!

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Cig said...

Nice quick post, ColbyPants! For some reason, the picture atop your new humidor caught my attention, too. It made me think of a "cigar related" product I found that would be well-enjoyed by the character in the framed pic. Chewgars are stylish rewards for the four-legged friends in our lives! The Chewgars link will take you to a brief post and a cool picture of the individually wrapped chewgars and their box packaging.