Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glass Carboys Are More Fun!

One of the fun parts of fermenting in glass carboys is that you can watch the yeast at work while you wait. This batch seemed to kick into gear pretty quick, with foam (called krausen) forming on the top of the wort in only eight hours. By twelve hours there was a good inch of foam on the brew and the blow off was bubbling furiously. Its forty eight hours later now, and the action hasn't let up a bit. Check it out!

ferment 1

ferment 2

ferment 3


JSKC said...

What grade/size tubing do you use, it looks like more than 1/2 inch? Also is there anything holding the tube in or making sure nothing leaks between the tube and glass?

ColbyPants said...

1" tubing, and no there isnt anything else holding the tube in the carboy. Just take take the tube out of your sanitizer solution, and put it into the carboy still wet. As it dries it seals the opening quite well.