Monday, May 4, 2009

Batch #004 - Pigs On The Wing Brew Day!

So, evidently, the first Saturday in May is "National Homebrew Day!". For us here at Tres Perros, it was also IPA brewday!

This time around, it was another "extract, with specialty grains" brew, highlighted by Nugget Hop bittering, and Fuggle Hop aroma/flavor additions. Some other procedural changes were made this time as well, using a turkey fryer outside for the the boil being the most obvious.

We started by steeping the grains in two gallons of water on the gas range inside:


Then drained the grains into a larger pot, moved then moved the whole process outside for the remainder of the process:


Another one of the procedural differences in this batch was a longer boil, highlighted by the first Nugget addition, which boiled for 90 minutes (instead of the 60 minutes that I have done in the past):


The final difference of this batch compared to recent batches, was that we used a different brand of yeast. As opposed to the WYeast smack packs used in the past, we used a vial of White Labs yeast:


Now, after what felt like an exceedingly long lag time (It was really only about 30 HRS), we are bubbling along just fine and building a Krausen:


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