Friday, March 30, 2007

Padron 1926 Serie No. 35

4 X 47 Sun Grown Maduro

I finally got an opportunity to try one of these cigars! Among the cigar lovers I associate/speak with, very few lines of cigars generate quite as much positive reviews/hype as the Padron 1926 line, which intrigued me more than even the line itself. I have long wondered whether my personal experience regarding this stogie would be as transcendant as everyone elses. Well now I had the chance to find out.

One of the first thing that strikes you about this ciagr is something common to every Padron Cigar I have had, no makker what the price point. Impeccable construction. I have never had a Padron cigar that has ever looked shoddy or burned badly because of a construction problem. (I once had one that was plugged very early on in my smoking experience, but upon further review, decided that was a storage issue by the local B & M and not Padrons fault). This one was no different. A rich dark Chocolate brown wrapper adorns this firm box pressed gem. It burned razor straight and produced a firm holding ash as pure as the driven snow. It made for a beautiful contrast. The draw was easy but not oo much so, procduce a volumnous amount of snow. This cigar also burned quite cool which helped in the appreciation of the subtle nuances involved.

This cigars is mighty effing tasty. It just needed said. it started a little spicy (and woody, cedar notes maybe?) but after 1/2 inch it was rich and creamy and full, chocolate and cinnamon, almost drinkable. about halfway it built steam and gained strength with some tobaccoey depth and leather, but never reliquishing that Mocha Creamy taste. The beauty of this cigar is the experience was in constant flux, always lovely little notes waftng in and out, but built on this lovely creamy unchanging base. One thing I was worried about at first was that this 4 inch cigar would be too fleeting an experience, but at one hour and fifteen minutes, it wound up being a long languid experience.

Nedless to say, this is one true gem of a cigar that lives up to every last bit of the hype. If you get a chance to try one, do not pass it up.


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sounds like a really good cigar