Saturday, March 31, 2007

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage \'90

(yes I realize this is a 1993 vintage bottle, but dammit the 1990 bottle looks the same!)

Name (full): Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1990

Barreled Date: September 18, 1990

Barrel #: 343

Proof: 86.6

Price: $23.10 @ Marion County State Store, Marion, OH.

Bottle: A Sleek , Curvaceous, black wax sealed bottle with a minimalist label. The front says “Kentucky’s Firsts Distiller: Put in Oak in the Autumn of 1990”. The Back label explains the Integrity of a Single Barrel Bourbon & then there is the hand written barrel date and #. It says “Distilled & Bottled by Old Evan Williams Distillery, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky 40004.”.

Color: A very pretty red toned amber. Quite Inviting.

Mash Bill: From what I can gather all Heaven Hill Bourbons are Corn 75% Rye 13% Malted Barley 12%.

Nose: Maple, Mint, Damp Wood, Wispy Smoke, Pine Knotholes, Burnt Sap. . . At the same time fresh & grassy-like.

Taste: Subtle. Some of the smoke and Pine carry over. As well as Baked Apples and sap. I hate to use the work cause I think it is silly, but this bourbon is SPRIGHTLY , in a good way. The tastes are hard to describe, but refreshing.

Finish: Medium, but coating and pleasant. Quite yummy. (maybe just a little too short for me).
Mouth feel: Medium but not very viscous smooth and pleasant, refreshing.

First I gotta say I had one helluva time with this tasting and that I am still not satisfied with it but will have to be, because after 6 different tasting samples, the bottle is now empty !!!!! That said, I really enjoyed this bourbon because it is a decided break from almost all the other bourbons that I have bought so far. This Is a good example of how there are bourbons for just about every mood. There are some days when you just don’t want Huge and Creamy like Woodford Reserve or something with a bunch of big flavors, like Elijah Craig 12, and on those days this bourbon is the thing for me. It is really a good refreshing bourbon to have on warm summer days, who says whiskey can’t adapt to the heat.

So I Hope I didn't blow it totally,


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