Thursday, February 1, 2007

Don Tomas Dominican Selection Corona Gorda

6 X 50 Natural

It seems to me the more that I explore it, the more I find to enjoy about the various permutations of the Don Tomas Line of cigars. All quite reasonably priced, and none that I can say I view in a negative light, with an emphasis on the Corojo line, which I have bought several boxes of in the past, when I did such things. Well today I got to try another in this line, the Dominican Selection, and again I was pleasantly suprised!

This lovely reddish shaded Toro sized cigar, this stick came in a nice looking fairly severe box-pressed design. I love that shape, especially, like in this case, when it does not hamper burn in any way, and does not split at the seams. This cigar was constructed well, burned nicely, and had a fabulous draw. Tastewise these cigars have two distinct phases. the first half of this cigar is decidedly sweet. I suprised me. I tasted of honey and maple, and was very smooth. The second half of the cigar build strength and was spicy, with black pepper and sage. I have to say I really enjoyed this cigar, and they are quite reasonably priced, from the research I did, though hard if not impossible to find.

But good news, I found out they are bringing this line back here:

U.S. Cigar Sales, Inc. expects to resume shipments of its Don Tomas Dominican Selection by late February. The company's newest premium cigar was forced into a backorder situation not long after its launch at the RTDA show in August, due to overwhelming demand.

"We knew we had a winner on our hands with Don Tomas Dominican Selection, but we weren't prepared for the sheer number of orders. It was truly an overnight success," remarked Pepe Gutierrez, president, c.e.o., U.S. Cigar Sales.

Key to the brand's success has been the new Talanga Cuban wrapper, grown on the company's farm. "We could have used a lesser quality wrapper to keep the brand in supply, but we chose to maintain the flavor and overall integrity of the product that earned the success in the first place," noted Gutierrez.

Fulfillment of Don Tomas Dominican Selection is expected to resume in "relatively good quantities," said Gutierrez, noting "good things come to those who are willing to wait."

Good to hear!


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