Friday, February 2, 2007

Padron 1964 Annivesary Maduro Exclusivo

5.50 X 50 MADURO

Ah the Padron Anniversay series. . . what to say. Well I have to say more than anything I keep wishing that these were one of those overhyped, overprised boutique blends that never follow through on the hype they promise (mostly because I cannot seem to get my hands on them as often as I would like). But alas this is just not the case. Over the years that I have been smoking (almost 5 now, wow), and through the sadly only dozen or so cigars I have enjoyed, the PAM line has been one of the most consistantly exemplary lines out there.

And this particular stick did not dissapoint. Beautifullly box pressed it just begs at you to light it up. With a pristine draw that produced billows of fragrant smoke that you could just bathe in, I got lost in just watching the spirals float up toward the ceiling. Smoking a PAM is a Zen experience. Flavors of mild caramel and spice early, deveoping more flavor and intensity as it builds to mocha, cocoa, and evben a tad pepper cinnamon and ginger, sitting and just trying to pick out the flavors wafting by is a meditative experience in itself. Needless to say this cigar was an utter delight to smoke and a highlight of my day. To say it is reccomended is an understatement.


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