Friday, February 2, 2007

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work Of Art Maduro

4 7/8 X 60 (Figurado) Maduro

I know I just reviewed a Hemingway Maduro last week, but this little gent deserves its own piece of space. This little firecracker had a life all its own, along with all the superlative construction, burn, and draw you would expect from a hemingway ciagr this little boy burned slow and smooth and cool for suck a little wide girthed cigar and was, as usaul a dream to smoke. Rich with notes of coffee, Cinnamon and, Allspice, along with the cocoa that comes along eith most maduros, this cigar also seemed to smell, and just barely taste of nutmeg (seriously, I am not making this stuff up!). Small at less than 5 inches, it still burned for over an hour. This cigar is something I have wanted to try since the very first day I bought hand rolleds for myself, and happily it did not for a second dissapoint!


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jeebus said...

i haven't been able to find that one at my B&M