Friday, February 2, 2007

Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select

Here Another one of the crowd favorites, put to the Thomas Test:

Name (full): Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Batch: 37

Bottle Number: 09297

Proof: 90.4

Price: $29.85 @ Marion County State Store, Marion OH

Bottle: This bottle is a gem. It is flask shaped which is really cool and helps it stick out on the shelf (they stock it next to Knob Creek here, and the make a dashing pair), and although it really is a pain in the ass trying to actually POUR anything from it, it can make quite the showpiece. It has minimalist labeling which is good for showing off the tone of the whiskey. Front label says "The barrels that are used for this exceptional hand-crafted whiskey are specially selected by our Master Taster.". It goes on to say that the bottle is "Approved by Lincoln Henderson".

Mashbill: The same as Old Forester. After Distilling at the Early Times plant they ship the whiskey to the aging houses at Labrot & Graham, where the whiskey picks up its distinctions.

Color: Almost Copper, Very burnished Amber.

Nose: Complex. Warm Butter, Caramel Cookies, Vanilla Almond, Praline Pecan. There is also a little understated wood tone and a hint of Lemon. { When Diluted: Maple Sugar, berries. and a touch of spiced plum}.

Taste: BALANCED Burnt Sugar, Caramel, the Citrus note carries over a bit as well as the nuts (almonds, walnuts, Butter Pecan), mostly sweet but with a nice burst of rye at the end to even things out. { When Diluted: Even Sweeter & Nuttier. . . . .White Chocolate, Burnt Oak, Almonds}.

Finish: Long & Warming, Lingers in the mouth as well and coats well on the way down, with more rye and some vanilla.

Mouth feel: Medium and Buttery Creamy, very VERY smooth. Not quite as big as I had remembered.

Conclusions: The nose knows with this bourbon. While the mouth feel and balance of this bourbon are great, to me it is the nose (and to a lesser extent, the great finish) that make me want to go back to it over & over. Every time I have some I can pull some different note from the bouquet. I was commenting to my wife while tasting , and she agreed, that with our noses plugged the balance of the taste and the extreme smoothness almost seem to equal out any character there is, So that is why this bourbon is not only one that I enjoy neat in a snifter, but one that I almost exclusively drink that way, where you can immerse yourself in those aromas. (It seems to develop more spiciness over ice, but that aspect doesn't seem as interesting to me.)

Do Your Honker a Favor, Sniff Some Woodford Reserve Today!



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