Friday, February 2, 2007

Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita

4.5 X 52

Ah, an old favorite that I have never got around to reviewing. The first day I bought my own cigars, along with my very first little dinky ass 25 count humidors, included a Punch Gran Puro. And ever since that very first day (though I did get a little sick, with my untrained palate and empty stomach) I have enjoyed these stogie, quite a bit.

This one was no different. Smooth and dark and almost glistening this bad boy begged to be lit. I am not gonna go on forever about the nuances of this stogie, it is a pretty straightforward smoke. Rich and creamy with leather and cedar notes in the beginning, and spicier towards the end. It also has this nice tangy note than runs the whole way through that I really enjoy. Like I said, its simple, its satisfying and relatively inexpensive. I like em!


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jeebus said...

sounds good!!!!!