Friday, February 2, 2007

5 Vegas Series 'A' Archetype

PsychoPuffin79: I see where you get the charred, like a really aged whiskey

miked889: yeah

PsychoPuffin79: aesthetically this stogie is a gem

PsychoPuffin79: dark, firm, nicely rolled, draws like a dream, burns perfect

miked889: like it?

PsychoPuffin79: yep, enjoyable

PsychoPuffin79: maybe not the MOST complex stogie ever, but thats the only knock so far

miked889: glad you approve


PsychoPuffin79: so back to the 5 vegas for a second

PsychoPuffin79: it seems to me this is very much like a good $25 bourbon

PsychoPuffin79: it has a nice rich profile

PsychoPuffin79: but it doesnt necessarily develop on it

PsychoPuffin79: kinda wraps you comfortably in its simplicity

miked889: kinda my take on it as well

PsychoPuffin79: so compare it to say Jim beam black or hmmmm Wild Turkey 101

A Piece of an Instatnt Message convo I had with Mike while smoking this cigar, which he so kindly sent to me a while back. Generally a nice stogie, if not tremendously complex Construction and draw were great, and I was awash with thick fragrant smoke. Ash held nicely too. Overall I nice middle of the road smoke, and when I checked around, for a decent middle of the road price. Overall a thumbs up.


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