Monday, February 5, 2007

Oliva Serie G Special G

3 3/4" X 48 MADURO

This is one interesting looking little perfecto. And I stress, LITTLE. At less than four inches, a long luxuriant smoke this is not. But it did look pretty. Well to reflect the short smoke time, here is my Oliva Special G Short Review. It started well, with nice maduro flavors of, leather, spice and cedar, and a pleasant draw. The problem is, due to the cigars small size, after about three quarters to an inch, it started to burn really hot. Hot to the point that it detracted from the experience. Alas less than halfway in I had to ditch the stogie cause it was too harsh to be worth the time. Sad. I will say that the nice beginning notes do peak my interest in the larger sizes of this blend. Maybe if the cigar burned slower and cooler in a larger size, those notes would last longer. Alas in this one, that was not the case.


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jeebus said...

maybe it was just TOO small