Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Distillers: Hot Girl + Punk Rock = Good Times!

A band I would heartily reccomend if you like hard, aggressive music with a twist.

A Little Backround Info:
The Distillers was a punk rock band formed in 1998. They released their first two albums on Hellcat Records/Epitaph Records before moving to Sire, part of the Warner Music Group. The Distillers were originally formed by Brody Dalle and the lineup has changed significantly since then. Brody Dalle plays guitar and sings while Tony Bradley plays guitar as well. Ryan Sinn played bass, but left recently, announcing his departure on his MySpace page.

According to the Distillers' online message board, the band has broken up. Members Brody and Tony have formed a new band called Spinnerette.



I really enjoy most of the stuff they have released, one of the few bands in the modern punk scene that isnt total shit, or really masquarading as punk and is actually pop fluff like Sum 41. Though if I had to pick favorite and suggest stuff as an introduction, buy Coral Fang and listen to "Here to Know" and "Drain the Blood". You wont be dissapointed. Hopefully the new band will be as good as the old, though they do give up one of the coolest band names in the process. Oh Well.


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