Sunday, February 4, 2007

Somebody Finally Made a Funny Mooninite Joke

Now That He Has Retired from the Advertising Business, The Mooninite Plans to Throw His Hat Into the Sox Closer Ring!

More Amusement in this line here. This line of thought highlights two things:

1) I guess the terror scare in Boston from the other day is truly over. For the three people who havent heard about this, the Boston Globe story regarding the matter is here. Essentially, in a horribly concieved guerilla advertising campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Comedy Central hid the above lite brite looking thingys depicting the Mooninites on various places (under bridges, in subway tunnels, Fenway Park, etc) that one might expect to find a bomb if such things were planted. And not terribly suprisingly, people did. The rest of the afternoon the Boston PD spent the time destroying them as possible bombs before being made aware of the campaign. The national media has since made them to look like tools, but in the world we live in now, I am glad they responded as they did. Better to be safe than sorry.

and. . .

2) The Red Sox are in dire need of an established closer instead of THIS GUY!

ah, its nice to know life can go on. . .


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