Friday, February 16, 2007

Response To Amanda Marcotte's Article in Salon Magazine

Read the Article Here.

Utterly deplorable. That the Catholic League can for one moment can think it knows my opinion. Or any other Catholic for that matter. Interesting that this site spews conservative drivel in the name of defending Catholics from anti-Catholic sentiment, while Catholics still vote convincingly liberal. It can be argued that us Papists helped spur the change in congress in 2004. People like this Bill Donahue dude have to get it right. You dont speak for us. We do not agree with you. Evidently the majority of us oppose you. Stop pretending that you do. I know not all Catholics espouse the views of leftist/feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte, whom you so heartlessly and un christianly disparaged into resigning, they surely think its a better alternative to the crap you spew.

I wish people that claim they speak for something I believe in and obviously do not know a thing would just SHUT UP!

I honestly feel bad for the two bloggers and John Edwards, they are better than all this. I hope this is not a precursor to a long and shitty mud slinging Presidential campaign. Not only does this country deserve better, but after the damage inflicted upon us by the current administration, we NEED better.


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