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Anyone who enjoys the pass time of Hand Rolled premium cigars will tell you that your accessories are almost as important as your cigars (ALMOST). Many a discussion among Brothers of the Leaf will revolve around what Humidors, Humidification Devices and Hygrometers they use. Guys will preen as they show off special ashtrays or lighters. Another blend of form and function, utility an beauty almost all stogie smokers have an opinion about is their cigar cutters. Today I thought I would mention 4, two I have, one that is in the mail on the way to me, and one that I will get as soon as it is back in stock. In this hobby, the collecting is clearly not only limited to the cigars. Here are the four cutters in question (and their manufacturer's pitch):

These cutters, made in Solingen, Germany have blades hardened to a Rockwell C rating of 57, the result is the hardest, sharpest blade you can buy. The body retains the classic XIKAR shape and features a lightweight nylon fiberglass composite in metallic colors including blue, green, gray, burgundy (flat) and now, black.

Xi cutter blades are made of high quality 440 stainless steel with an HRC of 57.

All Xi cutters are the same ring gauge: they will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar.


Stylishly crafted, the Palio is the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. Crafted for the sophisticated connoisseur, the use of today's most refined cutter is a must for serious smokers.

With Palio, you'll be assured that the finest cigars in your collection will be prepared accordingly. When in the company of colleagues, associates, or comrades, let Palio give you the cutting edge!

* Ergonomic - finger rest and contour shape
* Handsome - people will ask about it
* Precision Cut - blades aren't sloppy and don't fall out with age
* Controlled Cut - be sure how much of the cigar's cap you remove
* Contoured Cigar Holder - no need for a communal germ pit (ash tray)
* Detent Position - won't arbitrarily open
* Large Cutter Opening – Handles up to 60 ring cigars
Credo Synchro Cigar Cutter

The Synchro Cigar Cutter from Credo offers the best of both a guillotine and scissor cutter in one high quality and modern instrument that ensures a perfectly cut cigar every time. The Synchro features double-axis, gear synchronized, self-sharpening blades that are designed to eliminate the problem of crushed cigar heads, often encountered by guillotine-style cutters. The blades close uniformly at the center of the opening and complete the cut by locking together automatically. The Credo Synchro measures 3-1/2" x 2-1/4" and can accommodate cigars up to 54 ring gauge. Manufactured of all stainless steel with Japanese tempered steel blades.

Cuban Crafters Revolucion 3-Blade Cigar Scissor

Innovative and precise describes the REVOLUCION scissor cigar cutter. This revolutionary cutter uses 3 self-sharpening blades to perfectly prepare your cigar for smoking. The blades rotate into a circle, embracing your cigar and applying even pressure around the circumference. This revolutionary cutter slices the cigar's head evenly and effortlessly. It then gently tugs the center of the long filler to assure a smooth smoking cigar. No stress to any side of the cigar ensures a clean cut. These original scissor cutters are great for cigars with ring gauges up to 60. It was designed and created by Cuban Crafters using the latest technology and with surgical grade stainless steel. The all stainless steel body and blades will provide years of maintenance free service. It is so advanced that Cuban Crafters has a United States patent pending on the way it works and on the design.

The Xikar was the first "premium" cigar cutter I owned. Before that I had a cheap double guillotine cutter that I got from my local stogie shop for like, two dollars, and did not think anything of it. Boy was I in for a change. Honestly, a good cutter can do miracles to the quality of your smoking experience, because a clean cut can make you cigar draw a breeze. While those cheapo cutters do take the end of a cigar, the cut is rarely smooth, and this can cause burn issues, among others.

The Xikar is a pretty good quality cutter. I have never had a problem with it, and because of its spring loaded action, it makes a good conversation piece. This can be a blessing and a curse, because non cigar smokers always want to play with the damn thing. It is very portable and makes for a good everyday use cutter. Also if it gets dull, you just send it back to them and they will sharpen it.

I just got the Palio Cutter about a week ago, and so I do not have a ton of experience with it as of yet. Aesthetically speaking, this bad boy is not much to look at. If I didn't know better I would say its kind of cheap looking. They have other finishes for it, but I was not going to pay like $12 extra for them, so I got plain matted black. Looks aside though, so far this has a superior cut. Clean and smooth and easy, obviously this sucker is SHARP. It also is designed so that if you place a cigar on it, it will not roll around. This is convenient for me, as I do not have a cigar ashtray yet. I think this will make a good everyday around the house cutter for me, useful when I am on my own, but not flashy enough to show off in public. Haha.

This is what I hope the Credo Synchro will be. With its unique hybrid design (half like a Xikar, with half cigar scissors), I think it will be the perfect combination of form and function, and it seems they are not very common in the US, so it has the "OOOOOO" factor. Hopefully people I see at herfs or whatever will be appropriately jealous. Since I do not have it yet I cannot comment much. More on it when it arrives.

I intend to use the Cuban Crafters Scissors almost completely as a show piece. I think it will look good on the Antietam Cabinet Humidor I am saving for, along with these great clay replica cigars that someone made for me, and eventually a nice ashtray. I hear they actually do work quite well, but the website they will be out of stock for 3 more weeks, so any comments on this one are still a ways off.

Well I hope that helped initiate you into the compulsion that is my hobby.

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