Monday, May 21, 2007

Partagas Naturales (Revisited)

5 1/2" X 50, Cameroon

revisiting a previously reviewed cigar, posted here.

Appearance: A pretty looking little stogie, draped in a tasty looking cinnamon shade wrapper. A firm, solid, evenly packed cigar, this one looked promising.

PreLight: Clip was easy, and the prelight draw was free and smooth. The initial prelight flavors were a bit of spice and some cinnamon, and a nice tangy Cameroon wrapper note.
Burn/Draw: This aspect of the cigar was spot on. I have had some construction issues with these cigars in the past, but not at all with this one! This cigar burned nice and easily, long and slow the whole way down. The ash was long and light grey, bordering on white, and held firm well pas an inch and a half. The draw was perfect, free and easy, producing a good amount of cool flavorful smoke.
Flavors: This cigar is workmanly, but good. It has notes of cinnamon and tanginess (something I seem to get often in Cameroon wrapped cigars, it seems to be a not of the region). Later on notes of honey peeked in and out, and toward the last third it got a bit more powerful (after it started on the light side of medium), with notes of black pepper creeping in at the end. While this is not a transcendent experience, it really was a surprisingly pleasant experience, and one I would like to have again.


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JoeBob! said...

This is the 1st time I've noticed the term "workmanly" using in a cigar review.

Perhaps the first time i've noticed it...ever?

Great review, as always!