Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gran Habano Corojo #5 Churchill

7" X 48, Corojo

Appearance: This was a cool looking cigar. Long and lean, firm and evenly packed the cigar hides its humble origins quite well. Blanketed in a beautiful auburn brown wrapper, this cigar clearly looks high class.

Prelight: Clip was easy, and revealed another free and easy draw. The prelight draw had some tangy tobacco and leather notes, and a bit of spice.

Burn/Draw: This was one surprisingly well constructed cigar. The burn was relatively straight and did not need touched up. The draw was free and easy and produced a bevy of bright white, but fragrant smoke. The ash was firm, and white, and held for an inch and a half. Overall, like I said, hallmarks of a well constructed cigars.

Flavors: This is a very nice, consistent cigar. While it is not a knock you on your ass, amazing, very complex smoke, it really does not need to be. It does a couple of things, and does them quite well. There were notes of tanginess, like tobacco or leather. Some spice cropped up later, and the mouth feel was full and rich and creamy. This is a medium strength/fullish bodied cigar. I really enjoyed the simple flavors of this cigar, and it really is a value at the price readily found for a box. I can definitely suggest this cigar as an everyday smoke. It really surpassed my meager expectations, much to my delight.


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