Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tavares Solid, Sox Split First Two In Series With Yankees

(Three Run Shot In The First!)
(Lowell Tees Off In The Fourth)
(Lugo Scores In The Seventh)
(ARod is a DoucheBag, Tries To Take Out Pedroia. . .)

The Red Sox rebound from a lackluster effort in the first game in the series and, backed by a good start from Julian Tavarez and some powerful shots, take game two of the series at Yankee Stadium 7-3 on Tuesday Night. Tavarez, who gave up only 2 ER in 5 2/3 innings kept the Yankees at bay (and won on his thirty fourth birthday) while HR's by Manny Ramirez in the first, and Mike Lowell in the 4th sealed the deal for the Sox. David Ortiz did his part as well, going 3-4 with an RBI.

As usual, the Yankees Douchebag third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, had to make himself part of the story. ARod ("slappy") came barreling into Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia in the eighth inning, breaking up a double play.

Pedroia, however, didn't necessarily think it was a clean take-out.

"He went in late and kind of threw an elbow," said Pedroia. "A little cheap, but no big deal."

Next time, Pedroia said he would be better prepared for A-Rod.

"I remember it. I play second base," Pedroia said. "I have to turn two against the Yankees 19 times a year. I know now that he when he's coming in, my arm slot gets dropped to the floor. That's it. No big deal."



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