Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tatuaje Cabinet Noella

Size: 5 1/8' X 42
Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo 99
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Extra Info: All Tobacco is 1st Generation Cuban Seed Grown in Nicaragua. Cigars are rolled in classic Cuban tradition by Master Rollers in Little Havana Miami, FL U.S.A. Headed by Maestro Tobaquero Jose Garcia. Cigars are rolled with a beautiful Cuban triple-cap.

Appearance: This little bad boy was a little rustic looking, but personally I think this adds to the "Cuban-like" charm of the cigar. It is ended with a pretty Cuban Style triple cap. This cigar was a bit toothy, but I am okay with that.

Pre-Light: Clipped easy leaving a picture perfect cut. Draw was smooth and easy and fabulous as always. This cigar smelled (and for the matter the prelight draw) was rich and earthy and smelled of a mossy forest and dark roasted coffee.

Burn: The burn was a little goofy, but it never really hampered the experience. It was never really straight per se, but it self corrected often enough to resemble something like even. It never really hampered the smoke though, and frankly, continued to enhance the rustic Cuban feel of it, because I never can get Habanos to burn razor straight either.

Flavors: This little firecracker is something else. They burn and burn forever, long and languid and cool. I got an hour out of this one. It was rich and earthy, with earth and wet leather notes, and those rich rated coffee notes from the pre light. It also had just enough of cocoa sweetness to keep it from being unbalanced. As with every Tatuaje I have had so far, I can heartily suggest it, though I will say, have a hearty meal first!



Jeebus said...

good stuff tom

MikeD said...

Nice review there, kid. I guess you need a box of these now too.