Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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42 TEh B1g l4n W42 c0M1N' 1nT0 1T2 0wN, dUR1n' teh E4RlY 19802, H4x0r2 Th@ d1D'nT w4nt the1r web51TE2, nEW5gr0Up2, ETC, T0 bE p1Cked Up 1N 4 51mPLE KeyW0RD 5e4rCH BeG4N U51n' NuMBeR2 T0 RePl4CE cErT41n LetTeR2 (m05Tly v0wEL2) 5uch 42 A = 4 0R E = 3.

@ TH12 p01nt, l33t 5peEk W42 0Nly Kn0Wn t0 4 5eLECt feW 4nd 0Nly u5eD WhEN neCe554RY. h0WEvEr, 1N 1994, 1d 50fTW4re beG4n t0 4dd B1g L4N C0NnecT1V1ty T0 d00M 4ND D00m 11, Le4D1N' T0 4 REv0lut10n 1n pc G4M1n' 4nd 4L50 T0 teH r12e 0F L33T 5PeeK.

A2 Wi7 any 7ype 0f C0Mpe7i7i0N, '5mAck' 7alK 8ECAMe pReValEN7 in 0NlINE 9aMIn9. PHra5e2 5ucH A2 'I m leE7' 8EcAme c0mM0n PLace, ANd 50MeWheRe d0wn 7hE lInE L337 5peEK crEp7 IN, ReF0rMiN9 7HE phRa2e In70 '1 4m 3L173' In 0rDeR 70 dEM0N57rA7E 7Ha7 7he 5PeEKER WA2 A HAx0R aND 50me0NE 70 8E phjeEReD. I7 Wa2 Phur7HeR EXA99ERA7eD 8y purP05efuL 8aD 5PELLin9 aNd eVEn7uAlLY W0uNd up A2 50mE7HIn9 lIkE 7HI2, '1 4m 3L337!' AND 5IMpLifIed 70, '1 4M 1337'. HeNCE 7he Name 'l337 5Peek'.

8ut 3v3Ntu4Lly, l33T Sp33k 83g4N t0 F4LL 0uT 0f u23 83c4U23 0F t3H 4m0unt 0F t1m3 1t T4k3S t0 typ3, 4S W3lL 4s t3H 0V3RU23 0F 1t 8y S0M3, cH4Ng1n' 1T Fr0M 4mUs1N' T0 4nn0Y1n'.(f0R 3x4Mpl3, th1S P0sT 0N MY 8L0g!)

0H aNd pH0R 7H0ZE Wh0 R n07 Lee7, 7HERe r 5EvrAL N1ce 7RAN5lA70rZ PH0UnD 0nL1nE.

f0r fu7th3r r34d1ng:



HaPpy HaX0R1N'!



Princesse Ecossaise said...

This distresses me.


Jeebus said...

It's not that hard to understand =P

Princesse Ecossaise said...

You must be a geek Jeebus!

ColbyPants said...

What's wrong with being a geek?