Monday, June 11, 2007

Maumee Bay Brewing Company

This is the place in Toledo that Carrie and I went to dinner on my Birthday. I like it a lot. It has a great rustic charm to it and I think its decor just invites you to have a good time with a beer and some friends. The place is a working brewery (the made Buckeye Beer on site, among others), and the beer is average brewpub fare, though much better than the national mass produced brands. While we were there, I had their Irish Stout and Cask Conditioned IPA. Both were pretty decent but I think the Stout could have had more body to it, and they both needed a stronger hop presence (and you really should not have to say that about an India Pale Ale). The food is a great classier take on classic pub fare. (Burgers and Pizza, mainly), and it is quite delicious and more than reasonably priced. Overall, if you are in Toledo (especially, as a place to have dinner before a Mudhens game, for example), go check this place out, I bet you will enjoy it.


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